2016 Finalists

Best Brains of Ukraine 2016!


Dariia Barbash

She is studying in the 11th grade at the Physics and Mathematics Gymnasium in Vinnytsia. She is passionate about biology, enjoys traveling, has an interest in painting, and even draws herself. In the future, she plans to attend university and pursue biotechnology.

Veronika Fedyshyn

She is studying in the 11th grade at School No. 17 in Lviv. For many years, Veronika has been passionate about biology and has participated in several biological olympiads. Outside of studies, she engages in yoga and painting.

Serhii Kostelei

He is a 10th-grade student at the Ukrainian Gymnasium in Ivano-Frankivsk. Seghii is interested in biology and chemistry and plans to become a doctor in the future. He is also passionate about poetry and other creative pursuits.

Maksym Nikolaienko

He is a 10th-grade student at School No. 30 in Chernihiv. His favorite subjects are biology, chemistry, and English. He plans to become a doctor. He plays the guitar, enjoys playing chess, and loves reading books.

Yuliia Orlova

She is a 10th-grade student at Zaporizhzhia Multidisciplinary Lyceum. She actively participates in physics, biology, mathematics, and ecology olympiads, as well as in the activities of the Junior Academy of Sciences. After finishing school, she plans to enter university and specialize in bioinformatics or biophysics.

Yana Popovska

She is an 11th-grade student at Mariupol Lyceum. She has been interested in biology since the 9th grade, actively participating in olympiads and reading a lot of biological literature. Her future plans include enrolling in a medical university to become a doctor.

Anastasiia Tsymbaliuk

She is a 10th-grade student at Vasyl Sukhomlynsky Gymnasium in Lutsk. She is interested in many things in life, but her main focus is on biology.