2018 Finalists

Meet the best brains of ukraine!

Lada Isakova

Interested in biology, participate in scientific olympiads and tournaments. She finds neuroscience and molecular biology the most complicated and thus - the most interesting fields in biology. She wants to understand better how different complex system organized and function. And the brain is the most complex organ of our body.

Viktoriia Mamojlyk

From age 12 she is interested in biology, especially in molecular biology, genetics, and neurophysiology. In future, she plans to become a scientist and to study the unique structure of our body - the brain.

Anastasiia Morozova

She loves to study foreign languages, different cultures and to read good books. But her main passion is human biology. For this reason, she participates in scientific olympiads, performs the project in the Minor Academy of Sciences and, in the end, decided to participate in the Brain Bee.In future, she wants to study brain pathologies.

Oleksii Muzychuk

For many years he participates and wins in different competitions and Olympiads in natural sciences. In future, he wants to become a plastic surgeon. He thinks that neuroscience is highly important nowadays and that's why decided to participate in the Brain Bee.

Igor Polskyi

He is interested in neuroscience

Liliia Sysun
(Petropavlivka, Dnepropetrovsk region)

She is Interested in biology and chemistry, winner of regional olympiads in biology, member of the Minor Academy of Sciences. She loves to read fiction and scientific books and goes in for dances. In future she wants to become a doctor, to study the mechanisms of different pathologies and to help people to fight them.

Marko Shyika

He studies the medicine and English language in the Minor Academy of Sciences, is a winner in MAS medicine section in 2017. Also, he loves the sport, plays music and loves to read fiction and scientific literature in English.