2019 Finalists

Ukrainian Brain Bee finalists 2019!


Ihor Arefiev

Currently in the 11th grade, passionate about biology, actively participates in Olympiads and other competitions.

"Learned about the neuroscience competition last year but couldn't register in time, so decided to participate this year because of my interest in neuroscience. I aspire to connect my future professional activities with the research of the mammalian brain. Specifically, I have a hypothesis regarding the etiology of Alzheimer's disease and aim to confirm/disprove it in the future."

Bohdana Hurieva

I enjoy discovering something unusual, which is why I find neuroscience fascinating. Although studying the brain's cognitive activity is quite challenging, it only further intrigues me to learn about all aspects of physiology and biochemistry on which it is grounded.

Andrii Korotun
(Pryluky, Cherkaska obl.)

He is fascinated by biology and robotics, aspiring to combine these two disciplines to create a new generation of neurointerfaces. Neurobiology has captivated me with its inexhaustible potential, interdisciplinary approach, and the uniqueness of the research subject.

Andriy says: "The brain is the most complex system in the known universe, but what happens when we merge it with the second-ranked system - the computer? This is the question I want to pose to leading experts during the Congress of the International Brain Research Organization in Korea."

Polina Krupska

She is engaged in biology, and actively participates in biological Olympiads. Particularly interested in neuroscience because considers the nervous system the most fascinating part of the organism. Also, aspiring to become a neurosurgeon to contribute to helping people.

Anastasiia Morozova

She enjoys learning foreign languages, exploring cultures of different countries, and reading great books, but her main passion remains human biology. This enthusiasm drives participation in Olympiads, writing papers for academic competitions, and ultimately led to participation in the Brain Bee. In the future, she plans to engage in scientific biology and study pathologies of the human brain.

Ivanna Ostapchuk

In the 10th grade, she recently became interested in neurophysiology, primarily due to a question in the Ukrainian Biology Tournament about the diversity of the origins of nervous systems. Since then, she has been actively reading articles related to neuroscience. Ivanna believes that the Brain Bee is an excellent platform to assess current knowledge.

Ihor Polskyi

He is a big fan of neuroscience.

Vladyslav Khabazniak

Deeply immersed in the study of biology for the third year, this year he participated in the Ukrainian Biology Olympiad. Vladyslav developed an interest in neuroscience last year when engaged in a scientific project as part of the Junior Academy of Sciences. The project is closely related to the physiology of the brain: 'The Impact of Neurofeedback Training on Aggression Reduction in Adolescents.' Soon, plans to study neurophysiology at a European university.

"For me, the Neurocompetition is an opportunity to take one step closer to my dream."

Ostap Shyika

He is passionate about biology, ecology, and chemistry, and actively participates in Olympiads in these subjects, as well as in the activity of the Junior Academy of Sciences. Ostap is the winner of the Ukrainian Olympiad in Ecology (1st place). He is engaged in music and sports since childhood. Also, he dreams of becoming a doctor in the future to save people's lives and believes that studying neuroscience will contribute to achieving this goal.

Kseniia Piven

A student of Kyiv Natural Science Lyceum No. 145. Decided to participate in the competition because she wanted to learn something new and test her abilities.