2020 Finalists



Mykyta Kachanov
school No 4, Bucha, Kyiv obl.

He participates in and wins the  Olympiads in biology, chemistry, and physics. Mykyta wants to become a neurobiologist to learn how to change the human brain and thus to improve the quality of humanity's life.

Anastasiia Kolomiiets
gymnasium of biotechnology No 177, Kyiv

I am interested in specific topics covering different biological fields. In particular, I study the behavioral responses of sharks, their physiology, and immune systems. I admire some sections of forensic medicine and pathological anatomy. Also, I am interested in histology, cytology, and embryology. And the action of poisons to the nervous system and the development of antidotes are quite impressive. And last but not least is the cyanogenesis in animals.

Mariia Kotiuk
Mykhailo Kravchuk gymnasium No 21, Lutsk

She is engaged in biology and has been interested in neurophysiology recently. She decided to participate in the Brain Bee because she wanted to learn something new, try her hand, and be useful to people.
"Neuroscience, for me, is a pretty promising area in which I'm going to work," says Maria.

Polina Krupska
Mykhailo Kravchuk gymnasium No 21, Lutsk

She is interested in natural sciences, especially biology.

"I want to become a neurosurgeon because I love neurophysiology, and I feel drawn to it."

Iryna Levkovych
Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi gymnasium No 14, Lutsk

"I study in 11th grade and study biology in-depth for three years. Participation in different competitions allows me to discover something new."

Ivanna Ostapchuk
gymnasium No 287, Kyiv

She began majoring in biology and chemistry at the Kyiv Palace of Children and Youth. She is interested in biochemistry, physiology, cytology, histology, and individual development (including the nervous system, and primarily related pathologies).

Sofiia-Stefaniia Polischuk
Kyiv-Mohyla collegium, Kyiv

"The natural sciences have always been one of the most critical areas of my interests, and so I also want to relate my future to them. Searching for a specific area, I became interested in neuroscience. It is the best available tool in the study of the physiological basis of consciousness and the clue for  important, both exclusively scientific and philosophical issues."

Yehor Chudovskyi
Kyiv-Mohyla collegium, Kyiv

"I have been interested in biology for a long time. Since 8th grade, I participated in biological Olympiads and tournaments. Among the natural sciences, I can especially distinguish evolutionary biology, both at the level of general problems and in more specific issues. Of particular interest are the evolutionary events that led to the emergence of consciousness and other complex phenomena of our brain work. Also, I play music (guitar) and interested in the theory of music, mathematics, philosophy, and linguistics. "

Ostap Shyika
Roman Huryk lyceum No 23, Ivano-Frankivsk

He is engaged in scientific research at the Junior Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (section of medicine). Also, Ostap is interested in biology, ecology, and chemistry. He participates in the Olympiads in these subjects as well as in the JAS competition of scientific projects. He likes swimming, skiing, and playing the piano. In the future, he wants to become a doctor.

"For me, studying neuroscience is exciting. Also, the participation in Brain Bee helps me to learn medical English."

Oleksii Shebanov
Georgy Voronoi gymnasium No 1, Pryluki, Chernihiv obl.

"To me, the brain is more than a vast bundle of cells because it plays one of the significant roles in the body. Without it, humanity could not exist. And any pathologies of the nervous system create many problems for humans.

I have always wanted to understand how human consciousness works, and why every second, we make individual decisions. Neurophysiology is the one that can help to resolve this issue."