2021 Finalists

Best brains of Ukraine 2021!


Viktoriia Vydzhak
school №125, Kyiv

She started to delve into biology thoroughly in the 9th grade, with a particular fascination for botany and evolutionary biology. Interested in neuroscience because it provides an opportunity to understand humans as intelligent beings capable of conscious behavior control and solving complex problems, and most importantly, the underlying processes of these abilities. Convinced that it is through the brain that humans were able to occupy the niche they hold today, Viktoriia also believes in acknowledging the responsibility for one's actions to coexist more harmoniously with other living organisms. She actively participates in and excels in Olympiads in various subjects (biology, physics, chemistry, languages) and also writes poetry.

Valerii Hryb
gymnasium №323, Kyiv

He is passionate about natural sciences and enjoys learning new things about the world we live in. Also, Valerii aims to connect life and career with biology.

"Many branches of this science interest me, but neurobiology holds the top spot among them. I believe that discoveries in this field will be beneficial in various aspects of human life. The brain holds many secrets, so the field is boundless both for research and applications, and it is precisely this aspect of neuroscience that attracts me the most," says Valerii.

Mykyta Kachanov
school №4, Bucha

He decided to participate in the Brain Bee as he aspires to become a neurobiologist. Mykyta is intrigued by how the brain works and how its functioning can be improved. He has a hobby – a passion for music, plays the guitar and piano, and is interested in the intricacies of musical structure.

Anastasiia Kolomiets
biotechnology gymnasium № 177, Kyiv

"Neurobiology captivates me with its complexity and the vast unexplored territories it offers for investigation. What is particularly appealing is that anyone fascinated by the nervous system can find their purpose, as the work is endless. I am interested in behavioral reactions, subconscious information processing, innate schizophrenia, and the body's stress system. Unfortunately, a vast number of people do not fully understand the crucial role stress plays in our lives. It's not entirely negative but rather a powerful tool that can be harnessed for advantages. Overall, the brain is like a unique art object," believes Nastia.

As a hobby, Anastasiia is enthusiastic about cycling and various forms of physical activity, as well as photography, with a focus on architecture and landscapes. Additionally, she designs buildings and works on interior design.

Apart from biology, she is passionate about mathematics, particularly linear algebra. In her leisure time, she enjoys solving mathematical problems.

Polina Krupska
Mykhailo Kravchuk gymnasium №21, Lutsk

"I developed an interest in neuroscience in the 9th grade when I decided I wanted to become a neurosurgeon. Since then, I have been participating in the Neurocompetition. I enjoyed it a lot, and since then, I've been striving to improve myself to show good results and take pride in my achievements. To me, the brain is like a computer with incredible efficiency and abilities, and I aspire to study and understand its workings."

Mahir Iaman
"Merydian" school, Kyiv

Mahir is the youngest finalist in the Brain Bee in its entire history, currently studying in the 7th grade. He has a keen interest in anatomy. In the 5th grade, his parents gifted him the book 'The Brain' by Rita Carter, and that's when he realized that neuroscience is his passion. He aspires to become a neurosurgeon in the future.

In his free time, Mahir enjoys drawing, reading, and playing tennis, basketball, and football. His greatest love is reading manga and watching anime, so he is gradually learning Japanese.

Sofiia Tiapkina
school №71, Kryvyi Rih

"Despite being relatively new to neuroscience, I already see what a vast field of exploration it is. There is so much we don't know about our brain, despite it being the core of our being. Searching for ways to defy gravity, seeing worlds billions of light years away, creating new ones in our imagination, painting the essence of angels and demons on canvas, dreaming – all within the tiny droplets of neurons that make up our brain. I want to dedicate my life to better understanding this complex machine, the magnificent temple we all aspire to enter. Whether as a researcher, practitioner or perhaps a teacher. The Brain Bee is my first significant step on this long journey. Maybe I'm just on the first of a thousand steps leading to the mystery of the temple, but I am confident that one day, I will unlock its doors."

Oleksii Shebanov
Georgii Voronoi gymnasium №1, Pryluky

"Close your eyes and imagine for a moment that the nightly craving for cutlets with mashed potatoes can be controlled using a smartphone app, and communication is possible without messengers or even spoken language – a direct exchange of data between human minds. It would be a completely different world. Such futuristic innovations in the spirit of transhumanism and 1960s science fiction can only be implemented through brain implants. They could modulate our eating behavior and allow limitless communication. It is precisely this prospect that I truly love – neurobiology.

I decided to participate in the Brain Bee to deepen and structure my knowledge of neuroscience. So, perhaps, one day, I'll be able to use neurobiology and my experience in project organization (GSorb, UkrTeenScience, and Science Mentoring) to fulfill my childhood dream – create neuroimplants that will serve humanity."