2023 Finalists

Best Brains of Ukraine 2023!


Alina Holianska
Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi lyceum №14, Lutsk

Is there anything more fascinating than our brain? From the first moments of studying neurobiology, I realized how incredible and captivating it is. In essence, I was studying myself, and understanding the nature of human behavior. After trying it just a bit, it's impossible to stop. While I'm generally interested in biology, I can confidently say that neuroscience is my favorite branch. We are our brains, and to understand the world, it's essential to understand ourselves first. I will continue to delve into the depths of our brain to better comprehend it. And, of course, to see the amazed look on my friends' faces when I tell them new interesting facts about the brain :)

Andrii Dudnyk
"Basis" school, Kyiv

I've always been interested in biology - from my early childhood, I dissected rabbits with my doctor-grandfather in the summer and watched Discovery Channel the rest of the time. I seriously got into biology in the seventh grade when I transferred to the "Basis" school. Great teachers inspired me to engage in biology beyond regular classes, both during the day and at night. Although I study biology at a high level, I never considered myself an Olympiad participant. The Brain Bee became the first competition that I seriously prepared for. While preparing, I didn't expect to move on to the next stage; I just wanted to learn more about one of the most mysterious structures of the human body - the brain. I hope that advancing to the final is just the beginning.

Mariia Zarytska
"Basis" school, Kyiv

My journey into studying neurobiology began with an introduction to neurodiversities – a topic that encompasses various conditions where the nervous system of individuals differs from the norm we are accustomed to, yet they often can function fully (or even better). I was amazed by the misconceptions and attitudes of others towards these conditions, but I believe it can be explained by the lack of information in this field. Therefore, I want to develop in this area and, in the future, use my knowledge to research these differences and show people what they truly are. Preparation for the Neurocompetition helped me learn the essential topics for understanding the nervous system in a short period, and the competition itself allowed me to apply the newly acquired knowledge in practice and decisively determine whether I want to integrate my life with this science.

Viktoriia Loza
Lviv physics and mathematics lyceum

Since childhood, I have been interested in biology. After enrolling in high school, I discovered many fascinating branches related to biology, including neurobiology. I began to independently study this science in-depth. Last year, I wrote a research paper on the topic "The Role of Autophagic Protein Degradation in the Pathogenesis of Parkinson's Disease." This year, without hesitation, I participated in the Neurocourse to enhance my knowledge. In the future, I plan to further develop in the field of neurobiology and biotechnology, as they captivate me, and, in my opinion, they will occupy leading niches in science soon.

Iryna Modestova
Ivan Kotliarevskyi Poltava City lyceum

I have been interested in biology since childhood. At a young age, at my request, my mother bought me various literature about the human body's structure. I was curious about nature, and the existence of living beings, from microorganisms to complex creations like the human body. Understanding that the nervous system controls everything, one of the directions of my study became neurobiology. Having acquired some knowledge of brain anatomy, I decided to challenge myself in the Neurocompetition to assess my knowledge level and enhance it.

Illia Pysarevskyi
Richelieu Lyceum, Odesa

I have been interested in neurobiology and neurochemistry since the seventh grade, so I was very impressed and satisfied with the neurobiology course. I recommend it to everyone, even those who think they are not interested because knowing how you and your brain exist is incredibly fascinating. In my opinion, neurobiology is the future, and I would be very happy to be a part of it.

Danylo Savchenko
"Basis" school, Kyiv

I started studying neurobiology just a month before the Brain Bee and immediately realized how interesting and captivating it was. I could never have imagined that the human brain is such a sophisticated structure. Thanks to this competition, I changed my perspective, relying on my knowledge of the brain. Now, with every action I take in life, I understand differently, realizing how much work my brain does to accomplish something. The Brain Bee showed me what I truly want to pursue in life and the future behind our brains.

Maryna Samsoniuk
"Academia" gymnasium, Kyiv

I remember from childhood having a fiery desire to unravel the mysteries of such an unfathomable phenomenon as consciousness. A logical extension of this desire became a passion for neuroscience. In my opinion, neurobiology is a journey into the depths of the structure of one's own body and personality, where every step contributes to a better understanding of oneself and the surroundings, providing an opportunity to see the world through different, as yet unestablished, paradigms. And that is inspiring! The development of this field is a necessity in a modernized society, and I would be honored to contribute my efforts to further dispel the mist of mystery surrounding the intricate but fascinating study of the nervous system. Besides science, I have always been drawn to art in all its forms, especially literature and painting. So, in my free time, I dedicate myself to creativity, including writing poetry. I believe, no, I am convinced that soon the world will be captivated by the achievements of Ukrainians in the fields of science and art!

Semen Skrypnikov
Ivan Kotliarevskyi Poltava City lyceumо

Semen is interested in biology and is not very eager to talk about himself.

Mariia Iasynets
Dmytro Bakhmatiuk lyceum, Kalush

The nervous system has always seemed to me like a chaotic and disordered structure with its own rules, laws, and contradictions. Neurons, synapses, and a bunch of intelligent words carried no meaning, forcing me to cram brain-related paragraphs before biology class and successfully forget them afterward. But then I managed to grasp the essence, and the picture no longer seemed so distant. It turns out that if you delve into it, the sense of logic is present even in randomly created paths. And here it all comes back to the brain, trying to comprehend itself, which can be even more challenging than astrophysics.