2024 Finalists

Best Brains of Ukraine 2024!

Sofiia Vahin
Lviv physics and mathematics lyceum

Biology is such a multifaceted and fascinating science that everyone can find something interesting in it. I was particularly drawn to human anatomy and physiology, so I plan to pursue a career in medicine. Last year, I discovered the Brain Beed and began delving deeper into neurobiology. The combination of competition in the Olympiad and my personal interest in learning more about this new field made an impact. I am satisfied with the process of preparation and writing, and I am ready to further develop in the field of neurobiology.

Alina Holianska
Vasyl Sukhomlynskyi lyceum №14, Lutsk

Neurobiology has always been the most intriguing branch of biology for me. It's not only fascinating but also helps me to understand myself better. I find it quite amusing that our brain is studying itself :) This is my third time participating in the Brain Bee, and each time the tasks are unique and make me think deeply.

Valeriia Hryhorova
Kharkiv lyceum No5

I've always been drawn to complex things: puzzles, riddles, tasks, and equations. As I've grown older, I've come to realize that the mystery also lies within me - my brain, one of the most intricate structures devised by nature. Without our cunning nervous system, we wouldn't have any perception of our surroundings. This combination of anatomical structures makes the world around us so wondrous in our eyes.

For a long time, biology was nothing more to me than a subject in school that needed to be studied and passed. It wasn't until neuroscience entered my life that it became a true way of life. Studying the course in neuroscience is like opening your eyes for the first time. At first, they adjust to the light, and everything seems utterly incomprehensible, but after blinking a few times, you see things you never noticed before. Then you ask yourself: how could I have lived without this knowledge and skill before? And you find no answer to that question because neuroscience has long become an integral part of you.

My attitude towards this was drastically changed by Dr. House - a fictional character from the TV series of the same name, whose outstanding knowledge inspired me to study this branch of medicine. He showed by his example that with deep knowledge in the field of neuroscience, one can not only save others' lives but also better understand and realize one's own. It's a great honor for me to see my name on this list, but I'm sure it's just the beginning.

Andrii Dudnyk
"Basis" school, Kyiv

Last year's preparation and results in the Brain Bee inspired me to try myself in the Biology Olympiad, to see if there was something more interesting for me than neuroscience. Of course, I didn't find such a discipline, but my understanding of biology significantly expanded. With this new experience and perspective, I'm ready to participate in the Brain Beed again. This year promises to be even more interesting!

Mariia Zarytska
"Basis" school, Kyiv

I've finally decided to dedicate my life to neuroscience, so this year I enrolled in the Ukrainian Neurocourse, which provided me with a strong foundation before university. Previously, I took a course from the University of Chicago called "The Neurobiology of Everyday Life," which acquainted me well with the topic, and now I'm working on a research project in this field. Overall, studying neuroscience has helped me better understand myself and other people, the reasons behind certain aspects of our behavior, and nervous system disorders. I participate in the Brain Bee to test myself, monitor my progress, and perhaps learn something new.

Karyna Kovalenko
Scandinavian Gymnasium, Kyiv

In the 9th grade, I became interested in biology and later realized that studying the human body is impossible without knowledge of neurobiology. Learning how our brain and nervous system function as a whole, I was impressed by the complexity of these processes. So when I learned about the Brain Bee, I decided to participate without hesitation. I hope this is just the beginning of my journey in this incredibly promising science.

Olena Loiik
Lviv physics and mathematics lyceum

I became interested in biology back in the 6th grade when this subject first appeared on the school curriculum. Over time, I continued to develop in this field and immersed myself even more in it. I also participated in various competitions, Olympiads, and tournaments, and eventually tried myself in the Brain Bee because this particular area of biology attracted me. Biology not only inspires me, but it also motivates me to explore new opportunities in its various branches, especially in neurobiology. I believe that my knowledge and experience can be useful for the future development of this science.

Maksym Liuzan
Lviv physics and mathematics lyceum

Biology has always intrigued me, especially the topic of the nervous system. This field fascinates me with its complexity and importance to us. Therefore, to test my knowledge, I decided to participate in the Brain Bee.

Ivanna Misiura
Verbka lyceum, Volyn oblast

I remember how in childhood, my sister would come home from school and enthusiastically share facts about the human body she learned in biology class. At that time, I felt terribly bored and didn't understand what was interesting about it. However, when I started studying biology myself, I gradually realized that it's not just a school subject, but an incredibly important science that explains the structure of organisms and their interactions, without which the modern world as we know it would not exist. I developed a special love for the discipline thanks to my school teacher, who didn't just deliver information, but did it so skillfully that she also captivated me. So studying biology became a hobby that brings both benefit and pleasure. When I saw the competition in neurobiology, I became interested in this scientific direction and decided to try my hand at it. And I didn't regret it, because the brain turned out to be undoubtedly the most amazing part of the human body. It surpasses even the most powerful modern computer! So it's incredibly impressive that this wonder machine is inside us, providing us with the ability not only to exist by instinct but also to independently choose our path, achieve success, and make our lives meaningful.

Dmytro Nadvirnyi
Lviv physics and mathematics lyceum

Biology has always been interesting to me, but it's only recently that I started to take an interest in one of its, in my opinion, most popular branches, namely neurobiology. I honestly didn't expect to advance to the second round, so I'll say that one should always try their hand at something new that brings them pleasure. Neurobiology itself has fascinated me since childhood; I wanted to understand how our body works, especially the brain. Upon entering high school, I began to deepen my knowledge of biology because I found it intriguing. Similarly, with the Brain Bee, I started studying and couldn't stop; I wanted to learn more and more information. That's about it!

Mariia Repko
Ivan Ohienko School No 115, Kyiv

Paradoxically, in addition to biology, I was always interested by mathematics and physics. In these two domains, there is always a place for the complexity of tasks and challenges to be solved. So…after getting acquainted with basic biology, I went to several lectures concerning neurobiology and thus found similarities for myself with the two previous sciences. In the realm of it, you’re likely deeply involved in studying the intricate pathways and the process of how the things work is truly complex and there is always a place for using your knowledge from “classical biology” as well as utilising your determination and the desire to find a solution. Personally, this fascinates the most.

Mariia Sysueva
Kyiv Natural Science Lyceum No. 145

Unlike many Brain Bee participants, I wouldn't say I was interested in biology from an early age, as I spent quite a long time searching for my true calling. After enrolling in high school, I was invited to extra olympiad biology classes. That's when I discovered a whole universe that was much more than just the school curriculum from textbooks. However, my interest in neurobiology arose relatively recently. The hormonal changes in the adolescent body prompted me to take a closer look at what was happening inside, through which our behavior and thoughts could change so radically. It turned out that much of it is tied to the chemistry happening in the brain, and that couldn't help but fascinate me. I'm still amazed that our most abstract thought, the slightest movement of a finger, all is under the control of the brain. When I started studying neurobiology more deeply, it was simply impossible to stop, and with each page I read, I gained a better understanding of myself.

Ihor Sichko
Lviv physics and mathematics lyceum

From a young age, I've been interested in biology, especially zoology. This year, I decided to try myself in the field of neurobiology and enrolled in the Neurocourse, and I enjoyed it. That's why I decided to participate in the Brain Bee.

Oleksandra Tukalenko
Kyiv-Pechersk Lyceum "Leader" No 171, Kyiv

From childhood, I've been interested in the natural sciences, studying at a mathematical lyceum and enjoying solving interesting problems. However, my main passion is biology and life sciences in general. Additionally, I love reading and playing musical instruments. I play the sopilka in an orchestra and a bit of guitar for myself.

Mariia Iasynetrs
Dmytro Bakhmatiuk lyceum, Kalush

The nervous system has always seemed to me like a chaotic and disordered structure with its own rules, laws, and contradictions. Neurons, synapses, and a bunch of intelligent words carried no meaning, forcing me to cram brain-related paragraphs before biology class and successfully forget them afterward. But then I managed to grasp the essence, and the picture no longer seemed so distant. It turns out that if you delve into it, the sense of logic is present even in randomly created paths. And here it all comes back to the brain, trying to comprehend itself, which can be even more challenging than astrophysics.